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"What does Cory Booker smell like?"

"He smells like the future."


Who is the real Cory Booker? He is a professional conman. Until now, he has manipulated the Democratic Party and the media into the idea that he is a political superhero. This book tells the truth.

I hope you enjoy the SNEAK PEEK...

LET's DIVE IN . . .

Although an abysmal failure as a presidential contender, Cory Booker remains emblematic of today's Democratic Party; corrupt, arrogant, race-obsessed, and held to a different standard. How did someone so limited in talent, ability, and truth-adverse get so far?

Booker's "I am Spartacus!" announcement during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings to launch his 2020 presidential campaign reflected this self-aggrandizement that dates to the beginning of his political career in Newark, New Jersey. But Booker quickly stopped talking about Kavanaugh after the nominee was accused of molesting a teen girl in high school and Booker was revealed to have boasted about the same thing in a college newspaper column. The episode neatly captured Booker's dilemma as he vies to lead the uprising against Donald Trump. Just about everything bad Booker would accuse his enemies of, he has done himself!

Spartacus? The Unauthorized Biography of Cory Booker is a tour through all he has done. It's a full blast of Booker's corruption, lies, and incompetence. We meet a man with a sordid past who nevertheless arranged his life for this very moment of challenging Donald Trump for the White House. It debunks the litany of fake story lines that Booker has relied on to propel his rise to power and exposes the extent of his graft as a big-city mayor. Booker will stop at nothing to exploit voters' trust for money, power, and fame. Consider what he did to the poor people of Newark:

● Cory Booker as mayor pocketed nearly $700,000 in kickbacks from a law firm run by his cronies while the firm was taking in legal fees from the city agencies he controlled.

● While chairing the Newark Watershed, Booker oversaw the theft and kickbacks of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds that led to six criminal guilty pleas and four prison sentences.

● Booker became the nation's first high-ranking elected official to accept millions of dollars in equity – which his partners said was awarded to him because of his political stature – in a startup tech company funded by his campaign contributors.

● Booker operated a pay-to-play scheme with his personal charity that cleared more than $4 million in annual fundraising while he was mayor and spent millions on salaries to his cronies.

● More than half of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's $100 million gift to Newark schools procured by Booker went to the teacher's union and $1,000-a-day consultants as test scores declined.

Spartacus? The Unauthorized Biography of Cory Booker tells the story that the Senator can only hope won't get told.


  Pundits are running scared ..




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