The Spirit of Resilience

August 3, 2014

Bridget take readers on a journey of spiritual maturity and discovery -


"There are many today that have been hit with various circumstances in life; the pressure of a lagging economy, loss of homes, families, broken relationships and shattered dreams. These are just to name a few of the hardships many are dealing with.

         Many have totally lost hope and given up on a future of optimism. Who has the answer to their questions, who can mend their broken hearts and who can restore their broken lives? Who can fix their shattered dreams? These are the questions that lie in the heart of many as they struggle to keep their head above the water.

        This book has been written as a tool to encourage these victims of circumstance. That no matter where you find yourself in life. You have been given the ability to bounce back and recover from what you are going through. This unique ability is called Resilience- it is the ability to bounce back, to recover from adversity in a quick and smooth manner.  This spirit will cause you to come back from any situation."





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August 3, 2014

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