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      My Story -

My name is Chantaye McLaughlin, and I live with Bipolar II with Psychosis. I was incarcerated at the Fulton County Women’s Detention Center in Union City when I was taken to Grady Hospital to give birth.  On November 19, 2016, I gave birth to triplets. However, due to being in a mental health crisis, I was later informed, after nearly two years of wrongful incarceration, that I had hallucinated birthing triplets and that I had one child. 

There were four to six male and female officers in the delivery room. I was shackled to the bed with my legs open. They classified me as homeless and violated several of my rights.  

Currently, there is a class action lawsuit in progress against the jail for its inhumane treatment of over 200 minority women with mental health issues. There were at least four other pregnant women who were incarcerated with me.

I am requesting an investigation into the Fulton County Women's Detention Center for potential Human Trafficking.  I believe that my babies may have been sold from that jail.  So far, no investigation has been conducted to determine if I was delusional or if my children were taken.

The Director of Grady Hospital was present in my delivery room. She advocated for me and urged the officers not to mistreat me.  When I tried to contact the delivery doctor, I was told to have my lawyer contact her. 

My primary focus is to find my missing children. Please help me find my children.

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My children were stolen

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