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Many fought hard to keep the spies in check, but the dirty secret Minneapolis Officials were losing sleep over was leaked...  From snipers on the roof to undercover joining up with gang members in allegiance for the takedown, the world will now see that the cover-up was more than about George Floyd's death.


One of the biggest scams by a city government wiped out the majority of black businesses in plain sight while millions protested in the streets over the murder of George. In secret meetings, Minneapolis city officials erased thriving legacies with the stroke of a pen and it's only gettig worse. 


From ordering giant cement barriers to be placed in the busy center where thousands shopped prevented commerce from flowing, for too many it dried up.
To the police ordering the area as a "NO-go zone", which meant, no law enforcement would patrol that led to total lawlessness.


 This duality of hosting a memorial for a criminal is the stealth that's wiping out black wealth to make way for another racial takeover but they gave orders to the spies to Hush-Hush MPLS, it crumbed.


 The secret is out.  What no one ever told about that awful day in Minneapolis, more than George Floyd died that day and bodies are still mounting.

Hush Hush MPLS

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